Why do they cheat on us? Everyone who has ever been in such a situation knows how painful the news of a partner’s betrayal hurts. And not even the fact of cheating itself, but only the very thought that a loved one may be cheating may significantly ruin life and threaten the best and warmest relationships. Unfortunately, there is stereotypical thinking that a priori cheating is always the fault of a woman, and a man, with a glowing halo above his head, stands aside. He is justified by polygamy and other biological characteristics. Today, I will prove that you are not guilty of weak people’s actions, so take a glass of wine or a cup of tea and listen to why. 

Why do people cheat?

A man does not have to be unhappy to cheat. We often hear that they cheat because they don’t get something at home, and they look for it on the side. But this is not true. When a man cheats, it is not his wife’s fault or their relationship; it is his fault. What does cheating say about a person?

The researchers found that men get excited much easier than women, so they are at least 4% more likely to cheat on their partners. But the risk of a betrayal increases even more if the stronger sex doubts whether they are good lovers or not. Many men start cheating on their wives to establish themselves and increase their self-esteem. And it is clearly not your fault that your partner has problems with self-confidence. 

Among other reasons, upbringing and a predisposition to cheating should also be highlighted. There are men who can’t help but cheat because cheating is part of their lives. They betray their partners not only because they can but also because they want to. They love to have love affairs with women all the time, and such cheaters appeared not because of nature but because of the upbringing. For them, love victories are a way of life. It’s easy to recognize them. They pay too much attention to other women. If a woman starts a relationship with such a man, she should not count on his loyalty. It is crucial to understand that if a person has formed just such an attitude to relationships with the opposite sex and life in general, it is practically impossible to change this person, at least without his desire or without an urgent need. After all, people usually live the way they feel comfortable, not in the way they are supposed to be, especially for someone else. So, think three times before you start an affair with such a guy.

Do not forget that many men want to diversify sex and have fun. But you can strive for pleasure in different ways. You can do it respecting the interests and needs of other people, especially close, dear, loved ones, or you can be terribly selfish and think only about yourself. That’s when a man does not respect his woman’s interests, feelings, needs, and desires, wife in anything, thinking only about himself. He is a real selfish man whose desire for pleasure pushes him to cheating on his wife and many other actions unacceptable for a woman. 

Sometimes a man simply becomes bored and not interested in his woman, and as a result, he begins to be drawn to adventures on the side. This is one of the most common reasons for cheating on men, but I still believe that it all starts from the upbringing. Indeed, living with one woman who, let’s say, is not interested in what a man is interested in, as well as all day long engaged in children, not paying enough attention to him, can become boring over time.

But I can say with full confidence that any life becomes dull over time, and to make it enjoyable, by giving pain to another person, I think, is unacceptable for a serious, cultural, educated man.Whatever the reason the cheater tries to justify himself, it will not change his actions in any way. Remember that cheating on your partner is, first of all, cheating on your choice and disrespecting yourself. For some reason, it is always more comfortable for them to betray (even if it is an emotional cheating, not a physical one) than to talk to their girlfriend and try to solve the problem in a relationship (if there is one).

Strong people will not change their choices and themselves. But immature individuals who do not know what they want in life can easily change their minds. So, if you are dealing with such a gentleman, do not you dare to blame yourself. Proudly step over him, suffer a week (if you need it and it will make you feel better), and go ahead and become a better version of yourself.

Signs he’s cheating

How to tell if a partner is cheating on you? If your partner has an affection on the side, it will undoubtedly impact various habits and behavior. You should not take this list as a guide to action. Sometimes, a guy may really get tired, work too much, or decide to engage in sports. However, if you have already started to suspect him of being unfaithful, then pay attention to the following:

  • Change of habits;
  • Living early and coming back from work late;
  • Frequent business trips and meetings;
  • He does not participate in family holidays or weekends;
  • Working overtime;
  • Incomprehensible expenses;
  • Other accounts in social networks;
  • Closed credit card accounts;
  • Excessive self-care;
  • Foreign smell and lipstick marks;
  • Buying unexplained gifts;
  • Unexpected love for the gym;
  • Unexplained items (for example, condoms in the car);
  • Missed calls and messages from an unknown number;
  • Encoded or hidden messages in a phone;
  • Less sex and changes in sex quality;
  • Devious and protective behavior;
  • Obvious lies;
  • Pickiness and irritability;
  • The avoidance of unexpected visits (for example, if you come to work without a call).
  • Forgetfulness and fatigue.

Can you prevent a man from cheating on his wife?

Psychologists say that you can prevent the betrayal of a loved one. However, it seems to me that everything depends on how a man treats cheating. If he thinks it’s normal, then even if you serve breakfast to him in sexy lingerie, have sex with him twice a day, have a particular interest in his hobbies, he will still find a reason to cheat. The following tips are more likely to help you make your relationship happier rather than prevent cheating. 

  • Do not run away from problems. In any relationship (but not a toxic relationship, it’s more destructive than you think), there are conflicts and quarrels; there is no escape from it. Learn to look for reasons for misunderstandings and fix them. Communicate more often with the person you love and try to find compromises in disputes. If you or he is not satisfied with something, you should sit down and talk about it;
  • Try to make your sex more diverse. Strive to learn more about your partner, experiment together constantly. But remember that you do it not only for him but also for yourself;
  • Cook delicious meals together, do the cleaning together, go to the store, advise what to buy or what to wear, visit friends, and participate in each other’s hobbies. Yes, girls may not know the details of cars; it is enough just to be near your husband — this is a great value.
  • Try to return romance to the relationship. Recall what attracted you to each other, talk about it, go out together, cook a romantic dinner, and you don’t even need a reason for this.

Forget about that cheater

happy life

Honey, I am very sorry if you had to go through the pain and acceptance of cheating from a loved one. I am twice sorry if you were accused or you blame yourself. You surely deserve a person who can control his animal instincts and stay true to his choice. It’s impressive that swans and emperor penguins can choose a partner for life, and creatures with self-consciousness can’t, isn’t it? Remember that you will always be the main person in your life. If it seems to you that you will never be happy in your personal life, and you will never have the success you have imagined — that’s not true. Do not focus on these weak people who dare to hurt you. Love yourself, even more, open up to this world, make plans, travel, and be the happiest girl in the world. And you will be amazed by how many beautiful places and people are around you.




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