The Covid-19 pandemic impacted all spheres of our lives — from the financial and health aspects to our relationships with people. When it comes to romance, we face two extremes. The first is not killing each other, alone in an apartment with no opportunity to maintain an active social life. There is a distance between couples in the second case, and they have to deal with video calls, sexting, and possible infrequent meetings. In both cases, the relationship stresses us out. Today, let’s talk about how to stay in love during quarantine and cope with all the relationship struggles.

Relationships during quarantine

Several months of 2020 spent locked in quarantine restrictions have radically affected the number of divorces and breakups in the world. Millions of people could not cope with daily routines, mutual irritation, and living together 24/7. 


On the other hand, many couples got stuck in different parts of the world and found it difficult to survive a long separation and their feelings faded. Quarantine was a real challenge for many people in love. So how to pass this test and how to save a relationship? Let’s discuss the most pressing and spicy topics.

Things to do during quarantine with your partner

It takes some time apart in order not to kill each other. Each person needs personal space and alone time. However, if you find yourself imprisoned in your apartment, it does not mean that you have to get bored and eat away at each other’s nerves. You can try new hobbies, collect puzzles, diversify your sex life with Kama Sutra, learn to cook new dishes or repaint walls in your bedroom. If you’ve tried all of the above, why not go to a bar? An online bar, of course, where you can meet and chat with new people over a glass of something entertaining. You can try pair workouts, start learning to dance online or watch all the movies you’ve been putting off until better times. The variety of your activities depends solely on your desires and imagination.

How to be romantic during quarantine?

Keeping a romantic atmosphere and pleasing each other with sweet little things is important not only during quarantine. But now, the support and attention of your loved one will come in handy more than ever. Treat each other to small surprises, get together to cook dinner, bring candles out of the shelf, don’t forget about kisses and cuddles, and talk about your feelings more often. Quarantine is not a reason to give up on romance and dating. How to bring romance back into a relationship? You can easily turn your living room into an Italian restaurant, order food delivery, and dress up in beautiful outfits. You can take a bubble bath or shower together, leave each other cute notes, or have a massage session. There are tons of options!


Long-distance relationships during quarantine

With the help of modern technology, you can communicate with your loved ones anywhere in the world, 24/7. You can cook dinner together in Zomm, exchanging common phrases, creating an immersive experience. You can even watch movies in Syncplay, a program for watching videos together. How to keep a relationship strong when they are long-distant? It will be useful to plan your future together as quarantine will be over, and you will be reunited. Of course, it’s hard to imagine a fulfilling relationship without touching and hugging the person you love. However, there are devices that, although they will not replace the warmth of the human body, but will definitely make you smile. For example, you can send each other vibrations on MiBand bracelets or heartbeats on the Apple Watch or buy paired lamps and send signals in the evening.

Still, the main question remains — can a relationship survive without intimacy? Sexual tension is the strongest superglue that will keep you together, regardless of distance. You can master sexting (you’ll love it), exchange teasing messages full of hot desires, provocative hints, and frank descriptions. Sex shops sell special toys for couples. For example, a Lovense set includes male and female devices that connect using a computer or smartphone. Partners can choose a synchronized mode when toys repeat each other’s movements and simultaneously change the speed and power. It is also possible to control the devices manually. As you can see, there are plenty of options for maintaining a romantic relationship at a distance during quarantine. The main thing is to talk, support each other and remember that the lockdown will end, and you can kiss until insanity again. 

How to fix a dying relationship during a lockdown?

Routine and lack of something new can numb the feelings. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It’s just that they are different. It’s a very subtle attachment and the feeling of having a “dear” person around. And that’s just one reason why you should try to save your relationship. Why does love often fade during quarantine? Because you are locked inside four walls. Everything about your partner starts to get annoying. If you have to be alone together, it does not mean that you have to do everything together from now on. Observance and respect for personal boundaries is the most important thing. If your partner has decided to watch soap operas, you don’t have to get angry and prove the potential and delights of online education. Share, negotiate, try to find compromises, and talk about yourself without shifting resentment to the person next to you.

You have to remember that we’re all not perfect. So you will have to put up with some shortcomings, find common ground, and remember that it’s not just you who is having hard times in a relationship. You can smooth out an extremely high level of anxiety during quarantine. This requires sharing what worries you without devaluing your partner’s anxiety. The best words of encouragement are “I understand you,” “I’m here for you, how can I help?”, “It also makes me sad,” “How are you feeling?”, “I love you.” When your relationship stresses you out and your love is dying, your main task is not to make the situation worse, not to attack or defend yourself, but to deal with it calmly. After all, love is hard work, and both partners’ task is to try and save it. Do not forget to please each other and give positive emotions. Nice little things, beautifully served breakfast, memories together, surprises, flowers, and food with delivery — these are the tiny things that make up love. 

Relationships during quarantine can be tricky. In addition to overwhelming anxiety regarding the pandemic worldwide, we also face challenges in our relations. It’s essential to remember that what’s yours will stay with you, and you will work it through together no matter what. Stay strong, girl, and try sexting; you will love it 😉 




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