I have a constant wanderlust. The desire to see the world is often stronger than the desire to redecorate my house, change the car, buy the latest iPhone or get that handbag from my favorite designer’s latest collection. For people who can no longer imagine their life without trips, travel has become a real hobby.Some would probably not agree about having traveling as a hobby. How could it be a hobby if it takes six months, if not a whole year, from one vacation to another? You have to save money, limit yourself in your needs, and generally — it’s a lot of trouble! You have to plan with whom to leave the cat, kids, dog, hamster, or who will water the flowers at your house. Today, I’m going to prove to you that traveling as a hobby can bring you not only pleasure but also money and can even become a true aspiration in life. Are you ready?

Why traveling as a hobby is awesome?

It opens you up to the world

Why do we love to travel so much? Because we long to see new places and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature, whether it be a mountain, an island, or some ancient city. It allows us to appreciate the subtle aspects we miss in our daily routine, to take aesthetic pleasure, to discover new horizons, and to fall in love with life and this world all over again. The great thing is that you can start small — explore the region where you live, gradually increasing the scale of the areas you visit. In addition to the beauty you will discover while traveling, you will also gain new knowledge — about culture, history, people, architecture, art, customs, and any other aspects that interest you. 

It helps you grow and makes you a better person

Traveling alone or in a group teaches you a lot. It makes you a better person. You learn to communicate with people of different cultures, discover their stories, learn something from them and share your knowledge. Travel and adventure open you up to new opportunities and even help us fight our fears – aerophobia, fear of being misunderstood, being lost in an unfamiliar place, making decisions, etc. But most importantly, travel helps us find ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend trip to the neighboring city or a hike in the mountains. When you find yourself out of your comfort zone, you discover new facets of your personality that you didn’t even know you had. In addition to spiritual and mental changes, you actually become smarter and gain invaluable experience — from how to pitch a tent to knowing the architectural styles of different eras. 

It inspires

It is not only love that can inspire people to create. Most poems, songs, paintings, and other forms of art are about cities, lakes, forests, and countries. You discover many places, people, and cultures that make you write or paint. Travel is a blessing for creativity. The more you travel to places, the more likely it is that one day a true creator will awaken in you. A hobby like travel can breathe new life into you and help you reborn after a rough time — from changing jobs to being cheated on by a loved one. When you feel lost and do not know what to do next – buy a train, plane, or bus ticket, and go where you have long wanted. An airport and railway stations are the perfect gates to starting a new life. 

It’s a culinary orgasm

We are not limited only to hamburgers and turkeys, and mashed potatoes. Traveling as a hobby plunges you into the culinary delights of the world. We can enjoy fragrant coffee with a crisp croissant while sitting on the banks of the Seine, or try a mouthwatering goulash in an authentic Hungarian wine cellar, drinking it with local, refreshing, young wine. It’s not for nothing that Julia Roberts’ character gained a few extra pounds while living in Italy in Eat, Pray, Love. But do not let the extra centimeters on your waist and hips scare you. They will melt away before your eyes after a long walk through the incredible cities and their streets.

It can turn into a profession

It is amazing how traveling as a hobby can turn into your full-time income. Moreover, it can also start out as a regular pastime or a desire to share emotions or your story with other people. Of course, every third person visiting their grandmother in the neighboring town already thinks of themselves as a travel blogger. However, do not underestimate this opportunity if you really travel a lot and you have something to tell and show other people. Among other things, you can start taking pictures and selling your unique images from various corners of the world.

How to start traveling?

Start with yourself! Indeed, if you decide to start traveling on your own, start with yourself and overcome the stereotype that you will not be able to go anywhere without a travel agency.

What is stopping you right now to book a plane ticket and pack a suitcase? Nothing! Break the stereotypes of everyday life and go on a wild adventure!

Anyone who is familiar with Google can go on vacation on their own. If you have found this article, you’re sure to succeed. Just do not take up everything at once; otherwise, your eyes will scatter. Get ready for a trip as if you were putting together a puzzle: each piece is the easy stuff that gets you closer to the trip. 

Pour yourself a cup of tea, settle into a chair, and think about how you want to spend your vacation. Perhaps you’re tired and dreaming of living in a beautiful house by the sea without going anywhere. Or to go up into the mountains — for a long time you wanted to try active holidays. Or to be photographed against a medieval castle and stop at a winery, and have dinner in a Michelin restaurant with a view of the Champs Elysees. Or visit cities that remember the time before Christ. The more precisely you articulate what your ideal vacation is, the easier it will be to choose a particular place. 

Remember, honey, that the only limit that stops you from traveling lies inside you. People manage to travel with children, pets and in old cars. Traveling as a hobby is an excellent chance to reborn your life and pursue your dreams, even the most unreal ones. Who says that it’s impossible for you to conquer Mount Everest or admire the stunning underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef?




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