The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we think about life, and it seems that the world will never be the same again. And I am not talking about wearing masks and social distance. Massive staff layoffs, unpaid leaves, and pay cuts can all be depressing and shake even the most balanced person considerably. If you have doubts about the stability of your job and you are not sure about tomorrow, you need to look for alternative ideas to have an income now. Of course, the best option to earn money in the pandemic is to try those professions that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Let’s just agree right away that we’re talking about real jobs, not ephemeral ones like trading, blogging, casinos, etc. Today, we’re going to look at job ideas that are really profitable and can even be the start of your own small business. Many successful women started their businesses from a small hobby.

Ideas for Working from Home During Quarantine

I’m not going to advise you to study to be a programmer or UX/UI designer when you are already out of work and need to start earning money. Learning new skills and mastering a new profession is fine. Quarantine may have been a period of realization for many of us that it’s time to change careers and try something new. However, when the question is to start gaining money as soon as possible, it’s clearly not about obtaining knowledge and experience in such serious fields as information technology. Besides, it won’t be a question of how to make money during quarantine for a developer. They will just be working remotely. Let’s take a look at the jobs that can be easily mastered, depending on your personal preferences and competencies.

Online Classes

If you have skills, knowledge, and experience that you’re willing to share, you can offer online lessons on topics you’re good at, whether it’s math, cooking, singing lessons, or fitness. Nowadays, you can give any lessons online using programs like Skype, Zoom, or WizIQ. There’s also the option of creating your own educational program and selling it on platforms like Udemy.


The most popular income at home is from creativity. You can make things you can’t buy in a mass market. Custom orders, one-of-a-kind things, are something that absolutely everyone loves. Love sweets and cooking? Start taking orders and selling your culinary masterpieces. Can you sew and you have a machine? There are plenty of options — from underwear to raincoats for dogs. Handmade candles, jewelry, vases, paintings, postcards, edible bouquets for celebrations — the list of hobbies to earn money is endless, and it all depends on your imagination.

Working with Texts

Copywriting is another field that you can get into without formal education, but it requires hard work and accumulated knowledge in some fields. However, a beginning copywriter should know the language well, be able to write competently and engagingly. In addition to writing articles, you can also work with data entry, proofreading, editing, writing scripts, etc. As you learn the right skills, you can move from copywriter to marketer, content manager, or SMM manager.

Personal Assistant

In a world where every 20th person is a blogger, influencer, or business owner, personal assistants are obviously in demand. Their job covers a wide range of administrative and secretarial duties, including but not limited to correspondence, transcribing, report writing, managing meetings, sending emails, and generally communicating to resolve customer’s issues. If you love to communicate with people, are assertive, and are willing to be on call almost 24/7, you might want to try this idea out.

Digitalize Your Profession

During the pandemic, we realized that working from home during quarantine is possible for quite a range of professions. Think about whether your job could be done remotely. If you have worked as a salesperson in a store, you can become a sales manager. Have a good grasp of finances and know how to do reports? Lots of small businesses will be lining up for you. Try to adapt your profession to an online format and grow it.

Work from Home Tips

Working from home is not a vacation. How to find motivation during quarantine when the atmosphere around you is so cozy and relaxing?

  • Figure out your workplace and work out your schedule. It should be a place where it’s easy to concentrate on your tasks and not be distracted by outside factors; 
  • Take off your pajamas, take a shower, have a coffee, and start working in the morning. Just because you work from home doesn’t give you the right to start your workday at noon; 
  • Make sure that unrelated activities and items don’t distract you from your work process;
  • In order to stick to the proper schedule, you can segment tasks, break them down into smaller subtasks, create reminders on your calendar, and record the time spent. This will not only help you optimize your time, but you won’t miss any of the items. Working from home without a schedule can keep you up late and wreck your routine. Lack of sleep, disruption of circadian rhythms, fatigue, and dissatisfaction with your work results can easily lead to burnout;
  • When planning your time, consider your individual traits, and don’t forget to take breaks;
  • Being at home, spending time preparing a delicious dinner, doing laundry, and other things may seem like a tempting idea. But there’s nothing stopping you from doing it outside of work hours, as usual.

We don’t know how Covid-19 will change the world further, but we can see how it has already impacted our lives. Even if the world would never be the same again and the majority of professions will turn into an online or remote format, you will be ready. Just follow our work from home tips and tricks and always find time to relax and rest.




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