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It’s incredible how today you don’t have to leave your home to make money that will not only cover your expenses but can also provide you with a stress-free lifestyle. You can take your work online with you when you travel, and you can arrange your work schedule in a way that suits you. If you’re the kind of person who has long wanted to change your life and put an end to the 5/7 9-to-6 work hours, this option could be a lifesaver for you. I suggest you put aside your skepticism and consider with me the online job ideas that can really help you make money.

Online Jobs for Every Taste

Today, every person who knows how to use a computer can find jobs where you can work from home. However, not all these jobs will be high paying. Let’s take a look at online jobs that are as good as classic jobs in terms of salary.


Blogging is a popular option for making money with minimal investment. It appeared as a business several decades ago, and now it surprises no one. You can create a blog on social networks, YouTube, your own site, or a blogging platform. Bloggers provide information of various kinds — educational, entertaining, highly topical — and it is absolutely free. How, then, do they make money? They provide the opportunity to advertise on their page, or they advertise something they want to sell. If you have a large number of subscribers, you can make a decent profit in such a way. You just have to post interesting and fresh content. It is important to treat blogging as a job. You have to create a content plan, come up with interesting topics to attract the audience, communicate with them, and make regular publications. 

Virtual Assistant 

Like the previous type of online job, this one does not require any investment other than knowledge and skills. Many owners of serious online businesses (such as online stores) are looking for assistants. They are entrusted with all sorts of tasks related to running day-to-day business. This can be sorting emails, creating newsletters and emails to customers, compiling a working calendar, promoting products on social networks, and much more. Basically, it includes more diverse responsibilities of a secretary.


Do you have great sales skills but don’t have the space to stock any goods? It’s worth trying direct delivery or dropshipping. With direct delivery, you can profit from selling other people’s goods. When a customer places an order, you get paid and buy the goods from the supplier. The supplier then delivers the goods to the customer. This way, you profit from the difference in price that the customer pays you and that you pay the supplier. In addition, there are no additional costs for storing the goods.

Writing and Copywriting

If you can write well, you can try your hand as a writer. Content rules the world, and people are willing to pay high prices for quality content. Initially, you can start looking for orders on a variety of freelance platforms. Once you get your hands on it, you’ll be able to put together a resume and try to get a job remotely at any digital company. Who knows, maybe you’ll become not just an article writer, but you’ll create a book that you can also sell online.

Educational courses and Tutoring 

If you have the knowledge and experience and are willing to share it with others, you can create online courses. Does that sound too complicated and pompous? You don’t have to teach someone math or philosophy (although that’s encouraged). If you know how to grow vegetables and can teach an amateur how to garden from scratch, that’s already a great idea for an online job.

What Online Job Makes the Most Money?

As a rule, a person with skills and knowledge from the IT industry can earn the most money online. Do not scroll further if you don’t have a degree in computer science! Copywriter, SMM, SEO, product management, and other related jobs also bring a good income. Certainly, developers who can create an app or make a website will earn more. Graphic designers, video editors, and digital artists can also expect to earn competitive salaries online. 

Bloggers make crazy money, too! How’s that for $30 million in a year? However, it’s worth realizing that blogging won’t make you any quick money after a month. You will need to make hundreds of integrations and advertisements, gather the right audience of subscribers to start earning steadily and well online. You can make good money in any field on the Internet if you put maximum effort into it.

Online Jobs with No Experience

Even a person with no experience can start earning money online. I would recommend considering this kind of earnings as an additional one. As a rule, the most popular online jobs without experience include:

  • captcha entry;
  • transcriber; 
  • participants in surveys and evaluations of services and sites;
  • message manager in social networks;
  • moderator;
  • content manager, who fills sites with ready-made materials;
  • application manager for the site;
  • caption writer.

It’s worth noting that you can start to grow from many of these online jobs and gain new knowledge that will help you become an in-demand and experienced professional who started at the bottom and made it to the top.




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