Summer is the period of long-awaited vacations, which you start planning as soon as your current holiday is over. But what about those who have no idea how to plan a vacation, where to go on vacation, and how to entertain themselves? Just for you, I have prepared a variety of ideas for activities and places to visit during your summer vacation. I will offer you options for a long vacation, a short but bright weekend, luxury, and budget holidays. All you have to do is choose what you like best and pack your bags. Because I think the same as L’Oréal Paris – You are worth it! 

Where to Go on Vacation?

The main rule of planning a summer vacation is to listen to your desires and needs. If you want to lie at home on a hammock and watch soap operas all week or learn a new hobby, there’s no disgrace in that. However, if you want something different, I have options for you. 

Trip to a coast

What could be better than the sound of water and a moonlit path? Don’t limit yourself to the sea. There are plenty of beautiful lakes, rivers, bays, and five oceans, after all! Choose the most convenient mode of transport for you, book a hotel, do not forget the sunscreen, a hat, glasses, and head to soak up vitamin D and swim.

Active recreation

Rafting, diving, horseback riding, skydiving, snorkeling, surfing — these are just a few of the activities you can enjoy during your summer vacation. You can easily find schools and camps to help you learn new skills and get plenty of adrenaline. A nice bonus to all summer activities will be the unforgettable landscapes.

Fly to the islands

If you’ve long wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find yourself on a little piece of land in the middle of the ocean, filled with peace, this is a great option. It may seem like a luxury summer vacation option, but if you take advantage of early booking and reserve your tickets and hotel in advance, you can save a lot of money. This option is for people who won’t get bored on their own and don’t want to kill their significant other during a vacation on an island that is not so easy to escape from.

Visit a new country

A ticket to a country you haven’t been to yet can be the beginning of new love. And I’m not talking about meeting a mysterious stranger. You can fall in love with the architecture, language, traditions, cuisine, and atmosphere of the country as a whole. Of course, it’s hard to plan such trips during a pandemic, but you can try it, and believe me, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Go on a car trip

There’s something incredibly romantic about throwing your bag in a car and driving to parts of your country you’ve never been to before or those you adore with all your heart. You can go alone, with friends, or with a loved one. The advantage of traveling by car is that you can stop at any place you like. Do you feel like watching the sunrise on the roof of a vehicle? Everything is in your hands.

Visit a festival or concert

Most festivals and concerts are held during the warm season. If you are a fan of music, theater, and any kind of performance, you will definitely like this idea of summer vacation. All you have to do is choose a format that suits you, buy tickets, rent a place to stay, and reach your destination.

Yacht tour or cruise

This idea should be ignored by people who are afraid of water. But if you are among those lucky ones who adore this element and do not have phobias associated with the Titanic movie, then you can safely book tickets. Sun, water, refreshing cocktails, and a lot of impressions — what could be better?

Gastronomic tour

Who doesn’t love a good meal? I’m sure that even the most ardent fitness bunnies have imagined a favorite dish but will never admit it to us. A gastronomic tour is a great opportunity to learn about the cuisine of previously unexplored places, delight your taste buds, and bring back a couple of new recipes. You can make a gastro tour even more fun and exciting and head out to the vineyards, tasting chilled wines that hold that summer warmth. What are the disadvantages of such a vacation? You might not fit into your jeans.

summer vacation

Budget Summer Vacation Ideas

When the sun is shining brightly outside the window, you were forced to take a vacation, but your finances do not allow you to enjoy the perfect summer vacation; you can always find alternatives. Use your imagination, listen to your desires, and you’re sure to think of something else to add to this list:

  • stay in the city and finally go to a dance class that you’ve always been putting off (it could be yoga, a workshop in acting, or clay modeling);
  • go to a neighboring city where you have never been — you can get a vivid experience by paying only for a bus ticket to a neighboring town and spend some time in a new, unexplored environment;
  • find out about the nearest beaches and get a perfect tan;
  • pack a backpack and go camping to catch the most mind-blowing sunsets and sunrises and enjoy the birds singing;
  • arrange a cultural program to museums, theaters, exhibitions of the city;
  • organize a bicycle tour of the nearby natural beauties and make everyone envious of your colorful photos on Instagram;
  • gather your friends as often as possible and have picnics — on the balcony, on the roof, out of town. 

How to Plan a Vacation?

Planning a vacation depends directly on how you want to spend it. To begin with, you have to decide where you want to go and how long your summer vacation will last. The earlier you decide, the cheaper you can buy tickets and book lodging. Depending on the type of vacation, you should do a little research and put together the documents you need for the trip. In 2021-2022, it is relevant to know if you need vaccinations or if a PCR test will be enough. 

It’s important to calculate your travel budget before you start booking everything. It’s better to do without using a credit card and put off an expensive holiday for later. 

Depending on the type of your summer vacation, you should book lodging, transportation, and activities. It will be easier if you make your travel route and plan your leisure time in advance. Don’t forget about insurance and currency exchange (if you want to go to another country).
Remember that the ideal vacation is not created by a five-star hotel or dinner at an expensive restaurant but by you and your thoughts. I wish you an unforgettable holiday and experience because you are still worth it.

P.S. With love 💜




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