Christmas is truly a family holiday. Unfortunately, the quarantine due to Covid-19 has made adjustments to the variety of celebrations of this holiday. And you’re already thinking, “Geez, we’ve already survived lockdown together, collecting puzzles, watching movies, fighting, making up, mastering a new hobby. Our Christmas together can be boring and dim.” And that’s where you’re wrong, honey. There are tons of options for how to have a romantic, fun, traditional, relaxed, sexy, or passionate Christmas together. You just need to discuss your preferences and choose the format that the two of you like. And sexy Christmas outfits will help you to create the right atmosphere and make your party for two unforgettable.

Ideas How to Celebrate Christmas for Two 

Before we get to the sexy Christmas outfits, you still need to decide what to do besides the obvious. Sooner or later, you will want to crawl out of your cozy nest and spend time together, not under the covers and in the light. Moreover, a variety of activities can be a great prelude.

It all depends on your preferences and favorite activities. Do you like board games? Play Scrabble with erotic words, buy Alias for adults, play strip cards, or sexy truth or dare. Whoever wins can get sexy coupons that they can use when they wish. 

The process of cooking food for the festive dinner can also be turned into passionate entertainment. Try baking cookies together, and they do not have to be made in the shape of snowflakes and Christmas trees. You can turn cooking into a fun and dirty role-playing game. The main thing is to let your imagination run wild and feel confident — these factors can guarantee excellent sex. 

In general, you do not have to follow the traditional canons of the celebration. Put on a costume of Adam and Eve, buy champagne, make a bubble bath with your favorite relaxing aroma, and enjoy the singing of Frank Sinatra, pampering each other in the bath. You can also turn your house into a SPA and give each other relaxing massages by candlelight. No one has canceled watching movies — from cute Christmas films to erotic ones. The most important thing is to discuss what would be interesting for both of you and bring ideas to life. 

Sexy Christmas outfits for Women 

Sexy costumes for women are surprising in their variety. They offer sexy Mrs. Claus, a waitress, an angel, etc. The main thing is to choose the image that will be most to your liking and will turn on your partner. 

A naughty Santa’s helper can encourage the good boys and punish the bad ones. What else is good about this costume on Christmas is that it gives unlimited room for games within the couple, depending on your mood and desire. That is, there is no need to take a weaker or stronger side here. Everything is according to the circumstances.

The Snow Queen doesn’t have to be all in white furs (unless there’s nothing underneath). The main thing is to combine primness with open sexuality. Well, and do not forget the crown, yes. And let the man try to melt the heart of the unapproachable beauty. 

Also, you can consider a chic set of erotic lingerie as sexy Christmas outfits! You can take the red satin panties alone, or the original and exciting stockings with straps! They can be worn not only when you wear a Santa’s Helper costume, but also to enlist the purpose of seduction in many other sexual games, or put on before a romantic rendezvous, and even going to the restaurant to take your partner by surprise with your stunning look. 

Mask, complementing the Christmas costume, can be seen not only as a wonderful accessory for a festive night but also as an intriguing cover of your face during other erotic pastimes or role-playing games.

You can be anything from a sweet candy to an angry policeman who came to scold the mister who lives in this house for having a too boring Christmas celebration. Let your imagination run wild, and you’re sure to surprise your partner and have fun. 

Sexy Men Christmas Outfits

Manufacturers of men’s sex outfits haven’t bothered that much, I’ll be honest with you. The choice is not that great and relatively trivial. Some sexy men Christmas outfits are anything but sexy. How do you like the Grinch costume? However, it is possible to find a way out of the situation. Nobody canceled the hot Santa, the lollipop (if you know what I mean), the elf, the waiter who will bring you canapés with black caviar and refill the champagne and other options.

Sexy Christmas Outfits for Couples

Things are even more complicated with the choice of couples costumes you can buy. From the obvious, there are hot Santa and sexy Mrs. Claus and sexy Christmas elves. If you’re not too keen on the red and green hubcaps options, I have some ideas. 

Sexy PJs

You can throw an unforgettable party in erotic pajamas, which you will definitely remember for a long time. Throw pillows on the floor, make a tent just like in childhood, decorate everything with garlands, put on the sexiest pajamas you can find, and feed each other strawberries with whipped cream and champagne. But I think you’ll figure out what to do without me. 

Mr. and Mrs. Movie Stars 

Do you have favorite romantic or erotic movies? Why not change into their characters for one evening or night? Even if you like Superman and Wonder Woman, that’s no reason to put off their images until next Halloween. These guys celebrate Christmas too. The most obvious idea is to role-play 50 Shades of Grey. Even if you don’t have a red room, you may have enough accessories available at any sex shop. 

Maid and Mister or Vice Versa

Every home needs to be prepared for the holiday season — dusting, decorating and setting the table. Distribute the roles and role-play where the master orders his maid not only to hang the garland on the tree but also to take care of more significant duties. 


Playboy bunnies are some of the most desirable girls in the whole world, and many people are waiting impatiently for the next magazine to come out. So, why not surprise your lover and be that bunny for one night, especially since the costume is easy to make yourself or buy through a sex shop. And your partner can become a millionaire who smokes cigars and drinks expensive whiskey, with a bunny in his arms. 

First Date 

If you feel that the passion in your relationship has faded a bit, try simulating your first date with just a little extra sexiness. A fancy dress and tuxedo can become excellent sexy Christmas outfits. Turn one of the rooms into a restaurant and your bedroom into a house where your boyfriend will see you off after your first date and stay a little longer after your first kiss at the door. This scenario should be arranged with your partner in advance, and a week before Christmas, you should stop kissing, cuddling, and touching each other. On the date itself, ask the typical questions people ask on first dates — favorite movies, music, colors, and holidays. You can add some questions with sexual overtones. Believe me, you will experience new sensations after a week of not touching each other. 




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