16 Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer is the period of long-awaited vacations, which you start planning as soon as your current holiday is over. But what about those who have no idea how to plan a vacation, where to go on vacation, and how to entertain themselves? Just for you, I have prepared a variety of ideas for activities and …


5 Job Ideas During Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we think about life, and it seems that the world will never be the same again. And I am not talking about wearing masks and social distance. Massive staff layoffs, unpaid leaves, and pay cuts can all be depressing and shake even the most balanced person considerably. If …

aphrodisiac foods

9 Aphrodisiac Spices You Should Try

The topic of sexual health is always hot. Since ancient times, the desire to arouse or prolong pleasure has prompted humankind to search for means and ways to enhance their libido. People discovered some aphrodisiac foods by chance and were surprised by their effects. This curiosity led to new discoveries and experiments. Spices and herbs …


Are Relationships Hard Work?

The idea that true love is effortless has been imposed on us by movies and shows on Netflix. We look at these perfect couples whose relationship is in harmony; they understand each other from half a word, arrange romantic surprises, and break vases on tables every now and then during passionate, spontaneous sex. It’s hard …


15 Sexy Christmas Outfits for Couples

Christmas is truly a family holiday. Unfortunately, the quarantine due to Covid-19 has made adjustments to the variety of celebrations of this holiday. And you’re already thinking, “Geez, we’ve already survived lockdown together, collecting puzzles, watching movies, fighting, making up, mastering a new hobby. Our Christmas together can be boring and dim.” And that’s where …


6 Vintage Christmas Decorations (DIY)

Since the beginning of December, I always anticipate fairy tales and miracles. All those sparkling lights, bright decorations, the feeling of upcoming Christmas, and the quest for finding the best gifts for my family and friends make my heart beat faster. I rejoice in shopping and finding Christmas decorating ideas to make my home even …